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The authors of the Inclusive Christian Scale have found over the course of previous research studies that religiosity can be thought of in terms of the following six dimensions: evangelical, Christian conservative, activist, golden rule, community involvement, and mystic.

The Evangelical dimension refers to a particular focus on prayer, evangelism or outreach, and faith as a source of strength. The Christian Conservative dimension reflects a particular focus on avoiding acts seen as sinful, on a literal interpretation of the Bible, and on a transforming spiritual experience. The Activist dimension refers to a focus on changing unjust structures in the world as a part of one's practice of faith. The Golden Rule dimension refers to a particular focus on attempting to live so that one treats others as one would wish to be treated. This dimension highlights a concern about many of the same issues found on the Activist dimension, but the focus is more on individuals and less on social structures. The Community Involvement dimension underlines a particular focus on active participation in the church as a fellowship of faith. The Mystic dimension reflects a particular focus on an intimate, pervasive relationship/connection to God.

Pastor Dave's Scores

Religiosity Scales Project Printout for Pastor David J. Risendal

Every Christian's practice of their faith or religiosity can be described in terms of each one of these dimensions regardless of their denominational history or affiliation. Below you can find percentages for each of these dimensions that indicate the extent to which you endorsed the items that make up each dimension. You can use the numbers below to compare how you value or emphasize each of these dimensions of religiosity in your own life.     88%  COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT     78%  EVANGELICAL     78%  GOLDEN RULE     65%  ACTIVIST     53%  MYSTIC     17%  CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE

88% Community Involvement I would hope so: I have been a congregational leader since 1984. I'd like to become more involved with the secular community that surrounds us, but I've certainly been involved in the faith community.

78% Evangelical I spent ten years as the Founding Pastor of Esperanza Lutheran Church in Phoenix. The first months consisted of visits in the community, knocking on doors, seeking others to help me found that church. (I even wore a white shirt and tie, and rode my bike once in a while...) That shaped me in some significant ways — I've never read the Bible in quite the same way since... Our primary responsibility is to share the good news. Anything less is not Biblical.

78% Golden Rule Unlike Martin Luther, I see "faith active in works" as a helpful word of encouragement.

65% Activist I am a registered Democrat who was raised in Minnesota. What else can I say? (And how many of you are surprised that I ranked lowest on the "Christian Conservative" scale?)

53% Mystic This is the 53% of me that is optimistic, of course. I wouldn't dream of describing myself as a mystic. But I am intrigued by a mystical understanding of life, and look for the presence of God in all that I experience. The older I get, the more convinced I am that God is everywhere, and we'd notice if we weren't so busy. Lord, give me the patience to slow down, and to see you in all things.

If I was making this up from scratch, I'd probably swap Community Involvement with Evangelical, but otherwise it is a fairly accurate depiction of my "religiosity."

What are your scores?