An Embarassment to the Faith

This morning the Denver Post carried a editorial piece by Kathleen Parker, Wrong time and place for Robertson and Limbaugh to invoke the devil and race. I couldn't agree with her more. This would have been a wonderful time for Pat Robertson to take a break from being an embarrassment to the Christian faith, and for that matter, a wonderful time for Rush Limbaugh to take a break from being an embarrassment to the Republican party.

The theology of glory (long-ago rejected by Christians who have any theological or Biblical integrity), embraced by people like Robertson and Schuller and Osteen, has often lead to foolish conclusions that make Christians appear to be especially un-Christlike. Robertson's assertion that God rewards the faithful (us) and punishes the unfaithful (those cursed, devil-worshipping Haitians) runs directly counter to what we learn about God from the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The theology of the cross (rarely understood by people with no theological or Biblical depth), embraced by people like Martin Luther and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, leads us to discover that in the midst of the world's deepest pain, there is God: bringing strength and healing and hope, when nothing else can; willing to give everything, even life itself, to lift up those who have been battered down by the brokenness of this world.

Where is God today? Pat Robertson may imagine God sipping a latte in heaven, smugly reflecting on the damage this earthquake caused in Haiti. We know better.

Do you want to join God in helping the people of Haiti get back on their feet? Donate to the ELCA Disaster Response. On our behalf, with our partners from the Lutheran World Federation, they are already on the ground, present to God's children in Haiti in the midst of their pain and brokenness. That's what it means to embrace the theology of the cross. That's what it means to "Go in peace and serve the Lord." Thanks be to God.