Saint Peter's Pray-Ground

This morning, Saint Peter Lutheran Church established a "Pray-Ground" at the front of the Worship Center, in an effort to help our younger participants feel more at home during our times of worship. Our plan is to make this space available throughout the summer, and possibly into the fall as well if it is received well.

The people of Saint Peter believe that we are welcomed into God’s love just as we are. When it comes to children, our commitment is to be patient and gracious as we help them discover how they they can most fully participate in our services of worship.

For families with children, we suggest five ways to involve their young ones in worship:

1) Our ultimate goal at Saint Peter is to help every young person be fully involved in worship, joining God’s people in prayer, praise and thanksgiving, experiencing the grace and love of God, and being stirred by the Holy Spirit for a life of service. As soon as they are able to do so, we encourage them to be seated with family or friends in the main worship area.

2) For children who are able to sit with their families, but not yet able to stay focused during  worship, Busy Bags are available. They are filled with coloring books, soft toys, and other items to keep little hands occupied.

3) The Pray-Ground has been established, specifically for toddlers, recognizing that small children often struggle to sit still for an hour at a time. It is located at the front of our Worship Center because they tend to be more engaged when they can see what is happening. Small tables, chairs, and soft toys help to include those who can’t yet sit still during worship.

4) While we enjoy the sounds of little ones during our worship services, we recognize that concerns about disturbing others can hinder parents’ ability to focus on worship. For families with very active young ones, a Cry Room is also available, with sound piped in, so they can both see and hear what is happening in worship, while children can play freely.

5) When little ones (or their parents!) need a break, a staffed nursery is available for their use.

It is important to us that our youngest members feel welcomed at Saint Peter, especially when we are gathered for worship. Jesus once said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." [St. Luke 18:16] Saint Peter's new Pray-Ground is an attempt to live this out today.