Easter Season Sermons (2011)

Date: June 12, 2011 The Feast of Pentecost A Spirited Witness

filled with the Spirit a witness to the Gospel disciples... and us

Summary: On the Feast of Pentecost the Spirit empowered a group of timid disciples to spread the news of the Gospel, beginning in Jerusalem, and to the ends of the earth. It empowers us for the same.

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Date: May 29, 2011 The Sixth Sunday of Easter Prepared

always be ready gentleness and reverence our witness to hope

Summary: Peter learned the hard way what it is like to not be prepared to offer a defense for the hope that is in him. He teaches us to make ourselves ready for that moment, which will inevitably come for all of us.

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Date: May 22, 2011 The Fifth Sunday of Easter Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

the end of the world? don’t let your hearts be troubled Jesus gives us peace

Summary: Jesus comforts his disciples and assures them that he goes ahead of them to prepare a place for them. In contrast with the messages of doom that we occasionally hear on television (or read on billboards), Jesus is a source of comfort and hope. We are fortunate to place that gift at the center of our lives.

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Date: May 15, 2011 The Fourth Sunday of Easter Following the Voice

cacophony reigns many voices call to us the sheep hear his voice

Summary: Jesususes the voice of the shepherd, calling to the sheep, to help us appreciate the voice of God, calling to us. As we learn to hear God's voice, it calls is into an abundant life. May we encourage one another to do just that.

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Date: May 8, 2011 The Third Sunday of Easter Word and Meal... the Presence of Jesus

source of hope and joy bread broken and word opened Jesus is present

Summary: At evening on that first Easter Day, Cleopas and a friend, sad and discouraged, leave Jerusalem on the road to Emmaus. Along the way a stranger (Jesus, actually) joins them. He opens the word to them. He breaks bread with them. They recognize him and are stirred to faith. In years to come, even to today, millions will have the same experience as the word is opened and the bread is broken.

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Date: May 1, 2011 The Second Sunday of Easter That You May Come to Believe

despite fears and doubts “that you may come to believe” John’s purpose and ours

Summary: The world thinks of Thomas as a doubter, but the Bible reveals him to be one of many Christians who came to faith after a one-on-one encounter with Jesus. Perhaps including you and me? Perhaps including those who come to know Jesus through us?

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Date: April 24, 2011 The Resurrection of Our Lord (Easter Sunday) It's a Matter of Death and Life

Easter Sunday dawn two women visit the tomb go quickly and tell

Summary: Holy Week, the last week of Jesus' life, is marked by death. But on Easter Sunday, in the resurrection of Christ, God defeats the powers of darkness: life conquers death. So it is in our lives: the Message of Easter is that death does not have the final say. God continues to work new life, and hope, in our lives. And through us, in the lives of others. For that, we cry out: "Alleluia. Thanks be to God!"

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