Funerals and Memorial Services

In Memory of Dr. Harold ("Hal") Ives MagounMay 20, 2011 at Saint Peter Lutheran Church "A Healing Touch"

Born: June 11, 1927 (Scottsbluff, Nebraska) Entered Eternal Life: May 9, 2011 (Denver, Colorado)

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In Memory of Marjorie ("Marge") Caroline Lyall January 29, 2011 at Fairmount Mortuary "A Rich and Full Journey"

Born: March 17, 1932 (Detroit, Michigan) Entered Eternal Life: January 22, 2011 (Lone Tree, Colorado)

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In Memory of Michael Terry Helmut at Saint Peter Lutheran Church February 4, 2011

Born: June 27, 1957 (Denver, Colorado) Entered Eternal Life: January 27, 2011 (Denver, Colorado)

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In Memory of Carolyn Marie Greene February 19, 2010 at Saint Peter Lutheran Church "Family, Friends; Faith"

Born: April 15, 1926 (North Platte, Nebraska) Entered Eternal Life: February 11, 2010 (Denver, Colorado)

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In Memory of Ed Engelen October 16, 2009 at Horan McConaty Chapel

Born: July 4, 1924 (Kadoka, South Dakota) Entered Eternal Life: September 24, 2009 (Centennial, Colorado)

Download Sermon: Engelen, Edgar

In Memory of Bertha Barker August 26, 2009 at St. Andrew's Village

Born: September 25, 1921 (Dearborn, Michigan) Entered Eternal Life: August 21, 2009 (Aurora, Colorado)

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In Memory of Pastor Henry ("Hank") Sickinger July 19, 2009 at Saint Peter Lutheran Church

Born: 1936 Entered Eternal Life: 2009

Download Sermon: Sickinger, Hank

In Memory of John Sibley Baker December 28, 2008 at Saint Peter Lutheran Church "Preceded in Death"

Born: July 8, 1926 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Entered Eternal Life: December 17, 2008 (Centennial, Colorado)

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