Christmas Season Sermons (2011-2012)

Date: December 25, 2011The Nativity of Our Lord; Christmas Day The True Light

Christ-light of God's love come to us at Christmastime let your light shine through

Summary: Despite our best efforts to create "The Perfect Christmas," God's grace becomes known, as the light of Christ shines through the cracks in our facade. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. Thanks be to God!

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Date: December 24, 2011 The Nativity of Our Lord; Christmas Eve Hope and Joy

Christ born to Mary God present, with and for us hopeful, joyful hearts

Summary: The celebration of Christ's birth brings words of hope and joy to believers. In easy times and in hard times, we give thanks for the presence of God in our lives, which gives us a "peace which passes all understanding" — a peace that is grounded in the hope and the joy of the Savior's birth.

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Date: December 21, 2011 Wednesday before Christmas Day A Great Light Is Shining

a child has been born justice, peace and righteousness our reason for hope 

Summary: Isaiah offered words of hope to the people of Judah during one of the darkest times of their history. These same words speak hope into the darkness of our own lives. May they give us comfort and peace, and strength for the journey.

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