Less Noticed Outcomes

Martin Marty, commenting in "Sightings" on the death of William Hamilton, and the demise of Robert Schuller.

It is possible to greet these moments with sympathy and sadness—and it is then necessary to move on. While one has to gawk in awe at bold experiments and sensations, it might well be that what many will take from these passings is the opportunity to take a new look at the unsensational theologizing and ministries which more quietly guide the spiritual quests and community spirit of millions whom Time and Times seldom notice. Some of the religious leaders in seminaries, chapels and cathedrals may look up now and then, take notes, learn a bit, and then head back to the classroom or the sanctuary, where they can effect less noticed outcomes. Still, one hopes they do not lapse into timidity and passiveness, modes of being that also can limit leadership’s effectiveness in religion.


Sightings comes from the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School