Take a look at this ministry idea from our friends in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Crave ("Peace. Coffee. More. What do YOU crave?") is the name of a coffee shop / church / ministry on the St. Louis University Medical Campus. They promote awesome food, unbelievable community and incredible drinks. It looks like a remarkable place to sit and visit (Saint Peter members Bill and Jordan Hunter confirm that it, indeed, is).

But what makes this an extraordinary ministry idea for me is that I can imagine people worshipping in this rather tired 1950s-ish church for years, wondering what it would be like to gather in a more inspiring space. At some point, somebody suggested that they (1) take advantage of their potential retro setting, (2) re-create it in a way that promotes their focus on building relationships with God and with one another, and (3) commit themselves to the standard of excellence (no "Mr. Coffee" coffee makers visible on that coffee bar!), communicating to anyone who stops by for a visit that they are serious about their mission, and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

Crave Mon-Fri 6am to 6pm Worship:  Saturday at 5:30pm

At CRAVE, relationships are what we are here for. We believe that relationships matter. Relationships at our work. Relationships in our family. Relationships with fellow students. Relationships with those who serve us at restaurants. Relationships with those whom we serve. Relationships matter. Especially our relationship with God. We believe that God has something important to say about life…and about our relationships.