Health Care as Social Responsibility

Today I spoke at a rally in support of "Single Payer Universal Health Care." I accepted the invitation to speak for two reasons. My primary concern was that it seemed to me that the Obama administration had taken single payer off the table as an option to consider (I understand that may now be changing). I wanted to be part of the effort to apply some pressure on President Obama, hoping he might not rule out any options, as his administration decides how to move forward with health care reform. My secondary concern is that I am deeply troubled by living a society where families can be bankrupted by medical bills, and where uninsured or underinsured children can go without adequate health care. Single payer is the option that makes the most sense to me now. I am not, nor do I desire to become an expert in health care issues. I will leave the decision-making up to those who know much more than I do, and will do my best to trust their decisions. But my conviction (and this is the focus of my remarks) is that we, as a community, must not let anyone fall through the cracks when it comes to health care. We must create a system that provides basic, quality health care to every member of our community. 

The text of my remarks is attached here:      Health Care as Social Responsibility