On Purchasing a Bible

Christianity101We've been having some fun at Saint Peter on Sunday mornings with a class (9:40 to 10:30 a.m.)  called "Christianity 101." It is a time to deal with the basics of our faith. We sip some coffee, eat some snacks (thanks, thanks, thanks to the women's group at Saint Peter!), and become involved in some pretty interesting conversations. Along the way, we'll consider questions like:

What do Christians believe about God? How do we talk with non-believers about God? What is the Bible and how do we read it? What is prayer? What is repentance? What is salvation? What role does service to the community play in Christianity? What is liturgy and why are Lutherans committed to it? What does our faith have to say about marriage and family life?

(If you're in town, you really ought to join us!)

Last week I presented a brochure I wrote entitled, "On Purchasing a Bible." There are so many options available to us these days, that it seemed to make sense to offer some suggestions on how to dig through the pile most effectively. This brochure is attached, below, and I encourage you to read it before heading out to the local Christian bookstore.

If you have any questions, or any suggestions about how to strengthen this approach, let me know. And join us this Sunday at 9:40 as we finish up our conversation about how (and why) to read the Bible.

On Purhcasing a Bible