On Seeing and Not Seeing

Date: March 26, 2017Liturgical Day: The Fourth Sunday in Lent; Year A

a man is born blind Jesus empowers his sight Lord, I do believe!

Summary: The man born blind provides a simple, calm witness to the difference Jesus makes in his life. The Pharisees and other Jewish leaders may not be able to see it, but this man sees Jesus as his Lord. We pray that this year's season of Lent might help us to see him in the same way.

Some discussion Questions: 1. What do we learn from Jesus' desire that this “man born blind” might begin to see? 2. Reflecting on Ephesians 5:8-14, what does Paul’s image of light have in common with St. John’s image of seeing? 3. Reflecting on 1st Samuel 16:1-13 what did God (and Samuel) see in David that the others were unable to see?

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