Sermon: Thy Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet

Date: March 4, 2018
Liturgical Day: The Third Sunday in Lent; Year B


Martin Luther knew of the power in God’s word. We live this out by taking time every Sunday (and every day) to break it open and allow it to shape us. The two keys to faithfully participating in the Service of the Word: preparation and expectation.

Some discussion Questions

1. How can I most faithfully prepare to hear the word of God during worship?
2. When have I been inspired, comforted or chastened by hearing God’s word proclaimed in worship?
3. How does my congregation help its youngest members experience the power in God’s word?
4. What commitment will I (or my family) make to spend time with God’s word on a daily basis?
5. What is the difference between teaching and preaching? How is the sermon different from what might be presented during a Sunday school class?
6. What will most effectively help me to come to worship every week with the expectation that God will speak directly to me through the proclamation of the word in the lessons, the sermon, the meal, the hymns and the liturgy?

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