Sermon; Easter 3A: He Opened Their Minds

Date: April 15, 2018
Liturgical Day: The Third Sunday of Easter; Year B


On that first Easter Day, the followers of Jesus struggled to understand why his life seemed to end with suffering and death. But that Sunday morning at the tomb, and on the road to Emmaus, and later in the evening with the disciples gathered in Jerusalem, God was at work opening their minds to what was being accomplished through his resurrection. God continues to open our minds today, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Some discussion Questions

1. In the midst of the disciples’ fear and unbelief, what does Jesus do to comfort them?
2. According to 1st John 3:1-7, what does it mean for John that followers of Jesus are considered to be children of God?
3. In Acts  3:12-19, how does Peter summarize what the community of disciples have come to believe about Jesus

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