Sermon; Easter 4A: Our Good Shepherd

Date: April 22, 2018
Liturgical Day: The Fourth Sunday of Easter; Year B


Jesus is like a shepherd who wants to lead us away from what is bad for us, and towards what is good for us. He wants us to be grounded in the grace of God, to follow him to those places and experiences where our souls are fed and strengthened, to live as faithful disciples, and to show the world that God is making a difference in our lives. This is the path our Good Shepherd wants us to travel. What will we do that helps us to hear that voice, and follow it?

Some discussion Questions

1. Who has cared for me in a selfless manner?
2. What has this extension of care meant to me, and to our relationship?
3. In what roles do I find an opportunity to care for others, as a good shepherd might?
4. What does it mean, today, to live as one who is shepherded through life by Christ?

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