Sermon; The Second Sunday of Easter: "The Art of Being Church"

Date: April 28, 2019
Liturgical Day: The Second Sunday of Easter; Year C


Thomas is the most unfairly maligned of all the disciples. He has proven himself to be a courageous follower of Jesus (John 11:16) and a passionate student of Jesus (John 14:5). He comes to faith a week after the others, and is branded “the doubter” for two millennia.

In St. John’s Gospel Jesus appears to his followers four times after his resurrection. Three times they recognize them as their Lord, but it is Thomas (and only Thomas) who proclaims him “Lord and God.”

Through an experience with Christ, and the encouragement of his brothers and sisters in faith, the story of Thomas is a story of the church at its best. May God grant that others might come to faith through us as well!

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