Sermon; The Fourth Sunday of Easter: "The Works that I Do"

Date: May 12, 2019
Liturgical Day: The Fourth Sunday of Easter; Year C


This past week was difficult, as we heard about the death of a beloved Christian author, and as another act of violence took place in one of our schools. We live in a violent world, and our country is not immune from this. We long for ways to work together and make things better. Perhaps Mothers Day offers us an insight about how anger and fear can be overcome by love and compassion. Perhaps the invitation to join together in loving God and neighbor comes to us as an invitation into a more Christ-like way to live. Perhaps Christians churches can become the beacons of light that our world needs, illuminating a healthier, stronger and better way for us to live together in community. Jesus says that what he does will be his testimony? What will we do?

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