Sermon; The Seventh Sunday of Easter: "Loving Together Joyfully"

Date: June 2, 2019
Liturgical Day: The Seventh Sunday of Easter; Year C


This Sunday is “Test Drive Sunday” — the day we get to choose which ministries we’d like to test drive for the summer in our congregation. It is a time to think about how we demonstrate our love for God and neighbor, how we are united in faith and mission, and how participating in ways that are fitting and fulling can bring us extraordinary joy. We’ll be asking each person at Saint Peter to try out one or two new ways of being involved in our congregation this summer. If you are reading this from a distance we encourage you to do the same in your own congregation. It is a great honor to join with God and each other in loving this world. God calls us to be Loving Together Joyfully. Let’s commit ourselves to this.

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